Food for Life Award

Food for Life Bronze award

We are thrilled to announce that Grange Academy has achieved the Food for Life Bronze Award.  During the journey to achieve this recognition pupils and staff developed an understanding of the our culture of food education, healthy living and wellbeing.

In order to demonstrate that we’re serving up both fantastic food and providing an imaginative food education.

We are now on the next part of our journey to achieve the silver award.   We invite both pupils and parents/carers to be a part of this so please keep an eye out in the school newsletter and website for more upcoming information.

Grange Academy will now feature on the Food for Life website as an awarded school.  Click on the image to see the website page.

The link below is the letter of recognition thanking all staff and students for their commitment to the award.

Bronze Award Recognition of Award


School Lunch Feedback

" School dinners are delicious. It's decent food and definitely more delicious than before! "

" Thank you so much for that lovely lunch. I really liked it. It was really lush. "

" The extras are good, like the sauces. "

" I have not had guacamole before, but I tried it. It was really nice. "

" School dinners are delicious. It's decent food and definitely more delicious than before! "

" We had amazing Asian food - I am Asian. It is good food. "

" The curry was nice. I like the meat. It was tasty. "

" I am joining the SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group), so that I can talk about healthy food in school. In the food tasting today I liked talking about the different countries, the food we tasted comes from. "

" School dinners are delicious. It's decent food and definitely more delicious than before! "

Diwali Day Lunch Comments

" The food is really good. I like the chicken and rice, it has lots of flavour. "

" Food is good, tasty, spicy. It is yellow and red. "

" My favourite part was the onion bhaji. It tasted really good with lots of flavour. "

" Rice tastes like my rice, not spicy. The colours make it look spicy. "

" The food is bright colours and spicy. "

" We are eating this food to celebrate Diwali. It has lots of flavour. It’s very juicy and tastes great! "

" The school is celebrating Diwali which is a Hindu celebration. The food was really good and had a nice flavour. I can taste the different spices. "

" It’s got a lot of flavour but it’s not too hot. " Mrs Coles


The Student Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) meet half termly to discuss food related issues at Grange as part of the Food for Life Award.  SNAG members have been instrumental in changes to school dinners and continue to ensure nutrition and healthy eating is actively encouraged.

The images below are our Food for Life journey:

Grange Academy is a Unicef Gold Rights Respecting School and Gold Artsmark School. Ofsted rated ‘Good’ (May 2022).
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