Life Skills, RSE (Relationships, Sex Education) and PSE (Personal, Social, Education) is considered paramount to our students’ personal development, health and well-being.  These help students to develop skills to ensure they are well prepared to respect and contribute to the wider society and life in Britain.  High expectations are set for the promotion of tolerance, understanding and appreciation of the diverse communities in which we live.

The following concepts and skills are covered within our RSE and PSE curriculum:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-care, Support and Safety
  • Managing Feelings
  • Changing and Growing
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • The World I Live In

Life Skills

At Grange we aim for all our pupils to develop life/functional skills so each of them is able to lead a fulfilling and substantially independent life.

We recognise that for young people with special needs every experience provides a learning experience.

Our approach to teaching functional skills and life skills is at the core of our curriculum where our framework can be taught within the programmes of study and the schemes of work.

As a school we place great importance on our pupils developing the skills they need to succeed in life along with all children achieving their potential academically.

Along with our subject based curriculum life skills is also embedded in our curriculum. This allows us the opportunity to develop and support the learning of these valuable skills.

Whether it be learning to use a knife and fork or tying shoe laces, financial capability, staying safe on the internet, road safety or learning to sew on a button, making a bed or making a cup of tea, or keeping yourself safe in the community, our pupils will be given the opportunity to develop these lifelong skills.

Our life skills curriculum is not seen as linear learning, rather, it is a broad framework in which each child works. The pathways will be determined by each individual’s:

  • Outcomes on their EHCP
  • EHCP targets
  • Strengths and areas of development
  • Needs as assessed by the parents, staff, therapists, professionals and where possible, the pupil

Our curriculum includes ample opportunity to develop life skills through the experience of daily activities as well as a plethora of extracurricular visits and experiences.  We strive to empower our pupils’ independence,  social understanding and use knowledge in practical situations.

The following concepts and skills are covered within our Life Skills curriculum:

  • Home Management
  • Personal Safety
  • Environmental Safety
  • Accessing Services
  • Drugs Education
  • Choosing and Using Technology
  • Leisure
  • Accessing the Local Area
  • Financial Capability

Furthermore, there is a key focus to each topic or area taught and these are integrated across the day in addition to discrete sessions. The Autism Education Trust (AET) progression framework has been adapted to provide a framework for measuring progress within each area of learning for our ASC pupils.

Grange Academy is a Unicef Gold Rights Respecting School and Gold Artsmark School. Ofsted rated ‘Good’ (May 2022).
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