Wellbeing Award

It is with great excitement that Grange Academy can announce that we have achieved the WAS Wellbeing Award. We have been working towards the WAS Wellbeing Award which focuses on using an evidence-based framework to make further improvements to staff and pupil wellbeing and make sure that positive mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of our school life.

“I am immensely proud of the work that all the pupils, parents, staff and stakeholders have done to champion Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health. This award has highlighted the amazing way that our pupils support each other, make each other laugh and encourage each other. Life can be tough, and we all need additional support sometimes. When you are surrounded by caring people who take time to listen to you and support you, everything becomes easier to manage and every day is more enjoyable. Grange really does operate as a family; some days are good, and some days are hard but we are all in it together and are always here when you need us! This verification not only validates the phenomenal work that all our staff do on a daily basis; but also shows how everyone in our community goes above and beyond to meet the needs of every child and support families in whatever way we can. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.”  Angela Morris (Acting Head of School

The Assessor who came in to Grange Academy felt that our school was a calm, happy place and she loved seeing the inclusive lessons that pupils were thoroughly enjoying. She said that this has a positive impact on wellbeing and in turn, helped everyone to thrive. She saw lots of evidence of the following and has agreed that Grange Academy deserves to receive the Award!

  • We are committed to a clear strategy that promotes and protects emotional wellbeing and mental health of everyone in our school.
  • We actively promote emotional wellbeing and mental health for our staff and pupils.
  • We take emotional wellbeing and mental health seriously and have a range of resources in place to validate, acknowledge and support everybody’s feelings and moods.
  • We offer high-quality, ongoing professional development so our staff feel confident in responding to pupils’ needs.
  • We work with all stakeholders to support emotional wellbeing and mental health.
  • We ensure that systems and partnerships are in place to support different types of emotional and mental health needs.

Thank you to all the parents who participated and shared such positive feedback. It truly is heart-warming to know that many of you feel so well supported especially during tough times.

And lastly a special thank you to Mrs Blair who has led on this award and all the Grange Staff who go above and beyond to ensure that pupils emotional and mental health needs are met. Your care, support and efforts are really appreciated and having a big impact on many lives.

We are always here and ready to support with any ongoing or new concerns, as always, please reach out if you want to talk about anything.

Principles behind the Award

There are four key principles driving the ideas and recommendations behind the award.

  1. Emotional well-being and mental health are a continuum. Related issues can range from positive attitudes and behaviour, through to experiences of emotional distress and mental disorder
  2. We already experience and manage emotional issues on a daily basis; the objective is to minimise the impact of such issues and maximise the effectiveness of any responses
  3. Emotional wellbeing covers a range of dimensions, such as resilience, character building, relationships and self-esteem, etc. Understanding both developmental and mental health awareness is critical
  4. Creating a positive school culture requires a whole-school approach that is led from the top while involving all in the school community


Grange Academy is a Unicef Gold Rights Respecting School and Gold Artsmark School. Ofsted rated ‘Good’ (May 2022).
Telephone: 01234 407100 – Office Email: grange@biltt.org