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Primary Visit to St Johns School for Younguns

Maple Class

Maple class went to St Johns school to take part in singing, dancing and listening to stories.

Alexis: We went to listen to music.

John: I really liked the first song. I liked the man who played the accordian.

Quintin: It was fun listening to the songs. I liked the song about the dog.

Kailey: We went to St Johns school. I liked the music, dancing and stories.

Jasmine: I liked the song that sung about the hob. It made me laugh.

Allan: It was extremely fun. Everyone enjoyed it. The music was amazing.

Oskar: It was fun to see my brother at St Johns. He showed me around his classroom.

Ibrahim: I went on the pretend boat. We moved sideways and backwards and forwards.

Callum: I liked the boat. I liked the music and the school. I liked the men who were singing.

Kieran: I sat at the front. I answered questions.

Elm Class

This week we got to go to St Johns to watch the Young Uns. We got to listen to some fun sea shanties and sing and do actions with them. We also got to spend some time with the children and St Johns during the end of the day assembly and dance to the bear song.

Ethan: I liked when they told us about that Thor story because he can make thunder and lightning with his hammer. The story was a little bit funny because it was about a Giant who dressed up as a girl and stole his hammer and kept eating meat!

Sohaib: the best bit was when we heard the story about Thor because it was a cool story and the man made a thunder sound with a thingy with a string on it.

Harry: I loved seeing the Young Uns at my old school and I got to see my old friends from my old school. I loved the music from the Bear and I liked the Sea Shanty because I liked clapping and dancing. I liked it very much and it was very fun.

Kyle C: My favourite bit was the Thor Story because he is my favourite character. He has a super hammer.

Charlie: I had fun! The best bit was the bear song because I liked dancing at the end with my friends and children from St Johns.

Taylon: I liked going on a trip. It was fun because we got to sing a bacon song about a frying pan. It was funny when we were rubbing our bellies.

Kaschan: Ii liked the music because they were good singer. I liked watching the guitar player because it was cool to watch.

Tamsin: I loved today. It was fun to sing and dance and I liked seeing St John’s children. It was the best because I liked the people singing with the instruments. The most interesting instrument was the accordion because they had to squeeze it to make a sound!

Chloe: the best bit about going to St Johns was seeing my brother and my old teachers. It made me so happy to see Joshy! I liked the music because Joshy was trying to kiss me on the cheek.

Grace: I love doing the singing and joining in. My favourite part of the afternoon was when it was time for stories. I especially liked the story of the girl with the magic hair called Harriet because when she shakes her head a teapot comes!

Kirsty: I liked going to St Johns and seeing the Young Uns because I liked it when we made the thunder sound. It sounded like a real thunder storm. I liked singing and dancing and seeing all my friends.

Oak Class

We went to St John’s school on Wednesday. There was a performance by 3 men and they were very good at singing. Their voices were brilliant! Most of us went on a bus, but a few of us strolled through the park, enjoying the squirrels.

Jake: I saw a guitar. We rode on a ship.

Chibunna: They were singing and did a story and they sing the story of the pirate. The pirate was my favourite.

Aishah: I singing, I love singing with Harriet’s magic hair! There was a song about a ‘hairy hob’ and he went glob glob glob.

Kaleem: A man was playing a guitar. It was noisy, it hurt my ears. I did dancing.

Amy: Amy got to touch the ‘squeeze box’ at the end of the performance. It was very special. She pressed the buttons to change the sound.



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