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Primary Visit Milton Ernest Garden Centre

Primary classes visited Milton Ernest Garden Centre on week commencing 3rd December to look at the Christmas trees.

Ash Class went into the café for a snack. They practiced using their money to buy the snack. They had a great time!

Aneyk: I saw a tree.

Ben: We went to the café. I bought apple juice and biscuits.

Henry: I saw gnomes at the garden centre.

Robert: I looked at the Christmas trees. I like the trees.

Josh: I put letters to Santa in the post box.

Noah: We didn’t touch anything in the garden centre.

Lolu: I saw the Christmas trees. I went to the coffee shop.

Elm Class got to see their decorated tree! Our tree is number 5 and got to vote for it to win the competition. After, they had a drink and a treat in the café before going to see the fish and cockatiel – what a lovely morning!

Grace: I liked the fishes when we went to look around Milton Ernest. Our tree was really pretty because we use recycled lids and made them very colourful.

Harry: our tree was beautiful and impressive because it had decorations of bottle caps. I loved it. I vote for our tree because I want to win the competition.

Tamsin: I liked when we voted for our tree because our tree was special and colourful and I liked decorating it last week.

Chloe: The best bit about going to the Garden Centre was seeing Basil the cockatiel because I have one at home too!

Charlie: I liked looking at the Christmas tree because it was nice. I liked eating my biscuit and my drink in the café with Elm Class. Kirsty: I liked it when we went past our Christmas tree because it was really beautiful and I liked seeing the cockatiel because I hadn’t seen one before.

Taylon: I liked when we looked at our tree and we got biscuits and drinks and saw the bird.

Ethan: the best bit about today was seeing the tree. The café was fun because I got a biscuit and a drink and paid for it myself.

Kaschan: I liked my cookie and seeing the tree and I liked the minibus.

Maple Class also were lucky to go to the garden centre.

Callum: I liked the fish pond with fish.

Ashantey: I told Mrs A that the netted bag over a machine was to cover the Christmas trees so you can take them home.

Kailey: I was shocked that Mrs Bradshaw could drive the minibus.

Allen: I liked seeing the fishes and the nice plant pots. I also liked the wooden reindeer.

Jasmine: I was happy to see a plant with my name.



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