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Grange Academy are a Unicef Silver Rights Respecting School. We are working towards the Artsmark Award.

Grange Academy Support Mental Health Awareness Day

On Thursday 11th October 2018 Grange Academy students and staff came dressed in yellow and donations to support mental health awareness. We raised an impressive £98. Secondary students got involved in a range of activities looking at what you can do to stay calm and reduce stressful situations. These included boxing and pad work, mindfulness and team building.

TJ: I can calm down using the breathing I learnt.

Jazmin: I was really laughing loud, it was fun.

Sam: Bubbles and breathing are calm. I blew a double bubble.

Hannah: The laughing lesson was so funny.

Jaiden: Boxing and pad work was fun. Everyone sweats a lot and I really enjoyed it.

Jamie: It was really fun hitting the pads with boxing gloves. I liked the punching to release stress. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it but it was really good. It was great to use positive energy. I liked the relaxation part at the end and using visualisation to get rid of anger and worries.

Tanvir: The boxing was hard work and tired me out.

Natasha: I liked the relaxation part the best. I felt warm and happy at the end of a fun session.

Jennifer: Everyone was wearing yellow clothes, it made me feel happy. It was for Mental Health awareness; we were raising money for charity. I enjoyed the team building activity, everyone had to use the pipes to slide the balls. Sometimes we have to work together.

Thamid: I did some pad work in the hall with Ms Charnock. It was fun, my partner was Robert. I wasn’t worried about getting hurt, we followed the instructions. I was better at blocking the punches.

Kate: I liked the music on Hello Yellow day. It was relaxing, gentle music, I was feeling calm and happy.

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