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Grange Academy attend Summer Games


On Wednesday 27th June 2018 Grange Academy students went to the Bedford Athletics Stadium to represent the school in the Summer Games. 29 students and 6 staff took part in a wide range of sporting events. Schools from all over Bedfordshire were at the event.

Grange came home with a hoard of medals:


· Athletics team - Silver

· Curling team - Bronze

· Rowing KS3 team - Silver

· Rowing KS4 - two Gold medals

· James C (Sixth Form) - individual rowing Gold

· George - individual Silver


Miss Harper would like to thank all staff that supported Grange Academy students on the day. Miss Harper is very proud of all students who attended this event for sportsmanship and how well they represented Grange Academy. Miss Harper would also like it mentioned that she beat Mr Kilcoyne in the teachers race. 3rd place overall. Well done Miss Harper!!

Alex W: It was pretty OK but we didn't get gold, maybe next time.

Harry P: I didn't think I’d do so well in the standing long jump but surprised myself when I jumped 2 metres.

TJ: I really enjoyed my first time at the games, especially the javelin.

Tanvir: I came first in the high step challenge against some hard competition.

Parvir: I enjoyed the summer games. My favourite was the chest push with a ball.

K’Leeer: I was awarded a gold medal for rowing. It was brilliant.

Louis: I came second out of 73 other students in the 800m race. I was exhausted.

George: I got two medals, a silver and gold in the rowing competitions.

Eliada: When I was at the indoor rowing for the first time, I had a lot of fun. I found the rowing hard work, when I was doing the individual events I got second place.

James: I found indoor rowing very exciting because I did the four minute row and got two gold medals.

Joe: I enjoyed the day yesterday because we worked together as a team and we all worked really hard. We got a gold medal.

Jamie M: It was very hard work rowing. I came third in my first race, I did pretty well. My team were good, we won silver in the relay. My mum came to watch and that kept me going.

Gabriel: We didn’t know if we had won a medal but finally we found out we won bronze in Kurling. I got a medal that I can keep.

Connor: It was good that our team won. We all cheered each other on.  





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