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Grange Academy are a Unicef Silver Rights Respecting School. We are working towards the Artsmark Award.

Futsal Tournament

On Tuesday 22nd January Grange Academy took 14 students to a futsal tournament at Alexander Sports Centre in Bedford. Futsal is a game similar to five-a-side football but with a heavier ball, this is to try and keep the ball on the floor more. We split the 14 students into two groups of 7 (Under 16 section and Under 13 section) the student s were then split up into various students from other schools.

By splitting them up the students get to meet other students and interact with them. It was a very competitive tournament and like all disability counts events pupils score points my good sportsmanship, helping their team mates or by scoring goals.

Grange Academy were very successful at the tournament and we had three winners in the U16 section (Tyla, Tanvir and Rio) and two winners in the U13 section (Camron and Chloe).

We also had Taylon who was voted player of the tournament for the U13 section.

Thank you to Miss Harper for doing the evolve paperwork and assisting on the day, and also a thank you to Miss Leach for supporting the day.

On Friday the 25th January we also took 7 students to the Beds FA at Creasy Park, Dunstable for the monthly disability counts football, another successful day was had by Grange Academy and all students were well behaved and represented Grange Academy in the correct manner.

Tyla: It was a little bit different playing in the futsal tournament as the ball was heavier. I had several goal scoring chances that I didn’t take but Mr Kilcoyne said to aim for the corners of the goal, once I started to do this the goals flowed.

Chloe: I really enjoyed both days as I hadn’t been in a tournament before but would like to go again.

Parvir: I managed to score 16 goals at the futsal and 6 goals at Beds FA. Watch out Harry Kane, Parvir is gunning for you.

Jess: I was so pleased I scored at the Beds FA to make Miss Mielke proud.

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