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Dove Class visit Whipsnade Zoo

Dove class visited Whipsnade Zoo this week to observe African animals as part of their topic on Africa.

Jamie: I went to Whipsnade Zoo to see African animals in the zoo environment. The animals look good and are treated very well. The meerkats were cute and they stand up on 2 legs. They had rocks to hide behind.

Oliver: I went to the zoo to learn about African animals. I had a lesson on how the population of animals is lowering because of habitat loss, illegal hunting and illegal pet trade. I saw lots of different animal parts like a bear skin that had been turned into a rug and I saw an elephant’s skull.

Alex: When I was at the zoo I stroked a small Constrictor snake, it felt like smooth rubber. I also saw a snake skin, that a hunter had killed.

Sam: I put my head in a hippo’s mouth but it was a pretend hippo. The giraffes are very tall. I had a wonderful time at the zoo.

Alex W: Whipsnade Zoo was the best day ever because we explored some animals from Asia, Africa and Europe. I liked the meerkats the best because they are friendly because they stand next to you if you are standing still. I also liked the lions, the females were lying down enjoying the sun.

Irfanul: I had fun looking at the lions at Whipsnade Zoo and I stroked a snake and it didn’t hurt me. I saw lots of penguins in a pond and zebras on the grass.



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