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Grange Academy are a Unicef Silver Rights Respecting School. We are working towards the Artsmark Award.


This week some of our year 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7s have been taking part in Bikeability training. Bikeability teaches us all how to ride safely on the roads. We have learnt about lots of road signs including warning signs and information signs. We have learnt about how to make turns and where to position ourselves on the road and how to share the road with other users.

Ethan: We can go in the road in Bikeability and we learnt how to do u turns and other cool stuff.

Nathan: My favourite thing us that I get to go on the road now and travel I’m much safer.

Allan: I liked making u turns.

Kieran: Bikeability is learning ow to ride on the road. I liked learning how to turn. It is important to look behind our shoulders.

Quintin: Bikeability is fun I really liked it.

Alexis: Bikeability is fun and interesting. I liked us riding our bikes.

Taylon: I like being able to ride my bike on the road its safer now I’ve done Bikeability.

Ryan: Biking is fun!

Tamsin: I liked going on the roads. I’m learning that we always look right and left and we wait for cars.

Kyle: Bikeability was fun when we went between the cones on the playground.


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